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How to Register

Forms & Payment

1. Contact Island Expeditions Co (IEC) to discuss your group’s learning objectives, timeframe, flights and budget. Also, fill out and send us the Itinerary Questionnaire to help us evaluate your needs. We will work with you to select and/or build an itinerary appropriate to your group needs. On final approval of the itinerary and trip dates we require a completed and signed Trip Application Form faxed, mailed or emailed to our office. This form indicates your intent to facilitate this trip and marks the start of the recruiting phase. (Please see our Getting Startedsection to help you set a timeline for publicizing the trip to parents, students, and school administration.)

Payment Schedule
Amount due
Deposit at time of Registration
$500 per person towards trip cost
Flight Ticketing due date
Flight payment due to supplier
75 days prior to departure
Final balance
Within 75 days
Full amount plus $25 late fee*

2. Once participants have been recruited send in signed and completed Participant Registration Form/Facilitator Registration Forms for each person going on the trip (including yourself) along with the initial deposit of $500/person. IEC will then send you a letter of confirmation and payment schedule for your group.

3. Following the receipt of all Participant Registration Forms and deposits you are responsible for distributing the Pre-trip Information Module provided to you by IEC to everyone on the trip. Within the Pre-trip Information there are Medical and Release of Liability Waiver forms that must be filled out and signed by each participant. 75 days prior to departure these forms are due in our office along with full payment for the trip or late charges may apply.

Trip Cancellation & Refund Policy

Of course we regret any cancellations. Our cancellation policy is as flexible and understanding as possible but many of our trip costs are incurred well in advance of trip departures. The following break down of our cancellation policy is determined by length of time leading up to departure. This schedule covers the land-only component of the trip; monies paid to IEC for services we provide. The international flight component is governed by the rules and regulations for the individual air carrier utilized. Mandatory trip and flight cancellation, late arrival and medical insurance required by each participant protects against non-refundable monies.

Prior to departure
Refund with Replacement
120 days +
Full refund less $100 Cancellation Fee
Full refund less $100 Cancellation Fee
91-120 days
Full refund less $250 Cancellation Fee
Full refund less $100 Cancellation Fee
76-90 days
Full refund less $500 Cancellation Fee
Full refund less $100 Cancellation Fee
30-75 days
½ of total land cost refunded
Full refund less $250 Cancellation Fee
1-29 days
NA full amount is retained
Full refund less $250 Cancellation Fee

All cancellations must be received at our office in writing. Refunds will be mailed to you within 45 days of receipt of your cancellation letter. Replacements must send in a separate Participant Registration Form and any payments necessary as per the payment schedule. Anyone wishing to re-join the trip must write a letter stating so and may be subject to a $25 late booking fee and to the availability of flights.