Welcome to Our Classroom

This school has fish and coral reefs, ancient Mayan cities, ceremonial caves and lush rainforests. These are the natural classrooms where we learn and grow. Our adventures bring us close to the land, the sea and the people, where students accomplish goals together as a team and also achieve milestones on their own. We learn to paddle and sail sea kayaks, navigate by GPS or descend a jungle river. We study coral reefs, tropical forest ecology and gain rare insights into the culture and history of the Maya, Garifuna and Creole people in Belize. 

Our field studies involve lectures, presentations and projects ranging from population counts of crocodiles, monitoring the impact of human activity on coral reefs to traditional methods of rendering oil from coconuts or learning the dances that accompany traditional Garifuna drumming. If you are an educator, student or parent and have a desire to cross a threshold of new discovery, please contact us to receive further information and sample trip itineraries.

Go to our main website www.islandexpeditions.com for additional Belize travel information.